Things I Never Thought Would Happen My Last Week of Work

So when I first started this blog I promised myself I wouldn't post 5 posts and then be done...this is me keeping that promise to myself. I know you've all been dying to read my next post, so here it is.

What I Never Thought Would Happen My Last Week at Work

1. Be asked to demolish three commercial sized cupboards with a sledge hammer and crow bar. Yes, it is as fun as it looks on TV.

2. Crawl through the ceiling of the mall that was clearly not made for human access. Yup, the only thing I had to support myself were those beams and small pipes.
I felt like Spiderman

3. Be hit on by a middle aged woman. Background to the following conversation: She works at a store that we were working in. There was dust everywhere, ladders up to wazoo, and me standing in the middle of her fancy store. The middle aged woman will now be referred to as MAW. 

MAW: Speaking to herself, "It's 8 o'clock, I'm not even supposed to be at work, there's a mess in my store, [glances over at me] and there's a man who looks like Tom Cruise standing right in front of me."
Me: "...."
MAW: "Boy, how old are you?"
Me: "22"
MAW: "Mhmm, that's what I need. A man who can take care of himself, is young, and a little bit of white chocolate."
Me: "..."
MAW: "How about you meet me in the food court at noon and we can have a date."
Me: "Uhh...well, tomorrow is my last day."
MAW: "Well dang, we need to get this thing rolling today!"
Me: "...."
MAW: [Stares at me while vacuuming]
Me: "I think my boss is calling me."
MAW: "Alright honey, see you at noon!"

To clear a couple of things up: 1) I do not look like Tom Cruise  2) I did not know how to act in this kind of's not really one I encounter very often. 

4. Listen to The Help on audio book. This book is amazing, definitely one of my new favorites. I kind of feel like I cheated because I listened to it, but listening to the accents of the readers was most definitely worth it. This book describes the life of black women who were "the help" for white women during the civil rights movement. I loved it because it not only opened my eyes to our country's past, but it gave me the umph to make a change, to not idly sit still while society slowly diminishes. We are lucky enough to live in a world that embraces people who want to make a difference, so what's holding us back?

You can expect a Road Trip Partea Două to be coming up very soon. This will include a new roommate, Ebony, and what two 22 year old guys do in a car for 36 hours to pass time. 


  1. who told you that you don't look like tom cruise? if there's someone that you look like more than spiderman, it's tom cruise.


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