I'm trying out something new lately, the "hashtag (#)." For those of you who haven't been on Facebook/Twitter in about a year, the # is a symbol used in social media (and even in common day conversation) to highlight something or other. I don't really know the logistics behind it, I just know that this girl has got me hashtaging, and it's almost as addicting as these. Here's an email that I sent out for work this last week, see if you can spot the hashtag.

Now that I've digressed, let me get back to the real subject of this post, the joys of this season. Fall has proven to be very enjoyable as of late, General Conference was a true treat, making new friends and building existing relationships has been great, school has been challenging and empowering, and the weather has been awesome. This is what it's looked like in Utah for the past couple of weeks.

Props to Megan Guinter for the photo
On Friday I was walking out of a review for my Intermediate Price Theory test when I realized I probably should have been stressed because I was still pretty confused. So, I decided to take a scenic route home that went through the woods, creating a scene much like the one above. I was thinking about how much I wished I could do some sort of art, so that I could create something as beautiful as what was around me. I quickly thought about rashly going to change my major to Art when I realized that I don't need to learn some sort of visual art to create something beautiful. 

Everyday I create a work of art based off of the decisions I make. 

Everyday day I wake up and make thousands of decisions that shape who I become and how I make a difference in this world. I am my own piece of art. However, because I'm not perfect and because I am not a master craftsman just yet, there are parts of me with cracks, with holes, or parts that just aren't finished. Luckily I'm not the only artist here, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are here to make up the difference. They help me where I cannot do it by myself, they shape me into who they know I can become. Realizing that made me look at my life through a different lens: it's not about the motions you go through, but about what can be created from true motivations. Life is about what you can become and who you can help on the way, just as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are helping us.  


  1. 1.)You really are a piece of wor....uh, I mean work of art.

    2.)I miss BYU campus in the fall.

    3.)You should have brought this post full circle by hashtagging at the end. #pieceofart #mastercraftsman #makingthedifference


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