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The story of my life after finals: Feeling guilty for not studying

It's kind of like when I came home from the mission and felt like I should be knocking on my neighbors doors to talk about Christ instead of sitting down for 15 minutes. 

Finals ended this week, the weather is incredible, I'm working on a puzzle with my roommates, and it's graduation weekend! Basically, it's a great week! It's fun to see how many people have learned so much at BYU and see their pure excitement for being done. I'm the biggest fan of college, but I will be so happy when I graduate. Not only knowing that I was able to tackle it and succeed, but also being equipped with the tools to go out into the real world and make a difference! 

With graduation comes families visiting. It's been fun to meet some of my friend's parents and siblings and to catch up with other family members of friends that I've met before. It's also made me realize how much I miss my family. Now, before you call me a baby, let a brotha explain himself. Here's a little history about how the Suppes family started.

Disclaimer: I wish I had photos with me...but they are home in NC, so you'll have to bear with my drawings...

This History of the Suppes Family 


Bart Suppes married his lovely bride, Valerie Browning, in Mesa, Arizona on January 6th. 


Their first daughter, Brittany Elise Suppes, was born on July 10th in Phoenix, Arizona. They were young, poor, and happy.


Their second daughter, Maegan Elizabeth Suppes, was born in Eureka, California on August 29th. Still young, still happy, and still poor. This was their first time being away from their family in Arizona and they were experiencing the Suppes journey. This started a life-long pattern of creating their own home wherever they were in the country. 


Probably the happiest moment in their lives, their first son Jeffrey Keith Suppes was born in Eureka, California on the blessed day of January 26th. Am I biased? Not at all. This brought the Suppes family to an incomplete number of 5. 


The Suppi clan moved around a lot. They moved from Eureka to Pleasanton, CA. They then moved to Hattiesburg  Mississippi. Moving around allowed the kids to grow close together. All they had was each other, so they basically became each other's support system. Although there was a lot of change in their young lives, the constant was family. 


The complete number of 6 happened on December 7th of this year when Dallin Browning Suppes was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Brittany, Maegan and Jeff loved having a younger sibling, nicknamed "Chunky Monkey" for his well-rounded cheeks. 


The Suppes' moved to Asheville, North Carolina, giving them yet another opportunity to draw on each other for support. This is where most of them claim that they grew up. It was filled with awesome opportunities. They grew from a young family to a family with teenagers...who went to college and got their drivers licenses...with kids who were in school plays...with their youngest child going to kindergarden....etc.


The first child moved off to college. In NC it's not extremely common to move far away for college, but Brittany started the tradition by moving out to Arizona. It was tough having her gone, but the Suppi clan learned how to develop relationships with each other even when they lived across the country from each other. A little after going to college she moved to Utah and married the love of her life, Todd Cottle.


With Brittany in college, the Suppes' moved to Apex, North Carolina, completing (to date) their many moves. This was a tough one for Maegan and Jeff because it was in the middle of high school...but it caused the whole family, more than ever, to really rely on each other. The kids relied on each other for not only support, but for a social life. 


Maegan graduated from high school and decided to go to BYU-Idaho for college. That means that 2/4 children were out of the house in different states. Luckily, they were basically pros at the whole long-distance family thing by now because of Brittany.


Jeff graduated from high school and against all odds ended up going to BYU in Provo, Utah for college. 


Jeff moved to Romania for a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Maegan continued getting her college degree in communications, Brittany and Todd moved from Utah to Tennessee onto a beautiful farm, Dallin rocked it through middle school, and Bart and Valerie kept on running a family like it's nobody's business. 


Maegan graduated from college and works in Phoenix, AZ. Dallin is almost halfway done with high school at Apex High. Brittany and Todd are embracing our southern roots near Nashville, TN. Jeff is back at BYU trying to make it to graduation. Bart and Valerie are still being awesome parents, bringing the family together. 


Why am I telling you all of this? Because the past couple of days have proven to me that no matter what happens in my life I know that my constant is my family. As you've seen, I've basically grown up moving around and for the past 9 years have lived with my family not in the same state. But do you want to know something? My family has grown closer together with every move, with every kid leaving the house. I honestly don't think that I would be as close to my family as I am today if we would have all stayed in NC. Being away from each other has caused us to not only keep in constant touch with each other, but it's made me realize how special it is when we do all get together. Am I saying you have to live in 4 separate states to be a close family? Not even a little. But for my family it works. Not only does it work, but we are so close because of it. 

Do I get to see my family this week? No. Do I get to see my family this Summer? No. Do I get to see my family before Christmas? No. But it's ok because we make it work. Not only do we make it work, but we love each other more each and every day. I'd love to be able to be with my family right now...but I know that that's not possible. And that's ok too. Because I know that they are there via phone, skype, text, or email whenever I need them. 

Moral of the story, a family is worth it. 



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