I'm Back

In case you didn't know....

I'm back. I'M BACK. I'M BACK!

I know, I know...if you know me then you know that I've been back in Romania for over a month now. I just haven't gotten around to updating the blog, which is a pitty because there's so much I want to write about. But this will have to do for now.

While preparing to come back to Romania I was too excited to think much about whether or not it would be weird to be back not as a missionary. After being here for a while, I can say that at first it was super weird. It was like constant deja vu, being reminded of the people I taught, stopping people on the street and talking to them about Christ, always being with a companion. But now I'm not stopping people on the street and I'm not constantly with someone. For the first couple days I think my brain was on overload trying to accept that I was back in Romania not as a missionary. However, many experiences like this:

Parcul Cișmigiu. Please notice that suc+old men=paradise
helped me to quickly get over that. One of the best things about being back is being able to relax in the parks with my suc (juice) and the old men, appreciate the beauty that is Romania, and just experience life here. 


I have a lot of things I've learned since being here, but for now I'll just leave you guys with some pictures until I put into words the adventures I've been having so far. Stay tuned, there is definitely more to come. 

Cimitirul Vesel (The Merry Cemetery)
Piața Universității-București
Brașov Centru


I'm pretty happy


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