Family Resemblance

This is my little brother Dallin. 

Hold off ladies...he's prepping for a mission
We've never really been told that we look a lot alike. Maybe it's because we really don't look alike, or maybe it's because he has the hair of a California surfer god. We may never know.

However, this weekend I was asked to speak on a "Dating Panel" for a conference for high schoolers at my church. Side Note: Why they asked me I will never know. (1) I graduated from BYU single (2) I went on like 2 dates in high school and (3) I'm like, pretty against dating in high school.

Now, I don't know what it is, but when I'm around big groups of teenagers I get real awkward. The actual dating panel went pretty well-I'm ok talking to a group of them when they're forced to listen to me.  But let them loose when the panel has ended and I start to think everyone has it out for me. I tried to book it out of there as fast as I could. Right when I was about to escape I realized a group of guys were blocking the door. For all I knew this group of guys (who in reality are really nice and awesome) was planning on hanging me from the flag pole by my underwear. So I decided to act totally natural and pretend like I didn't see them. Note to self, that doesn't work too well when they're literally right in front of you.

I finally looked up and they started talking to me. Turns out they were all friends with Dallin, and for the first time I can remember, I was told that me and him look alike. But what really got me was when they told me that I had the same mannerisms as him, that my personality reminded them of Dallin. I think the biggest compliment I've ever received is being told that I remind someone of my younger brother.

Although he's 7 years younger than me, I have so much to learn from him. He's kind, he's gentle, he's compassionate, and he's hilarious. He constantly reminds me that who I really want to be is someone who cares about others, and isn't afraid to have a good time while doing it.'s those pictures I promised to send you


  1. I like this. I think you are one of the greatest people alive, and it would take quite a lot to convince me otherwise.


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